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Exerelin / Alliances

Basic mechanics

  • Player joins/forms an alliance or invites other factions to it using the "special options" menu when docked at a market.
    • Player must not have a commission (otherwise the commissioning faction handles all alliance matters).
  • When a member of an alliance starts a war with or makes peace with another faction, the alliance members vote on whether to do the same. If the player is an alliance member, a popup dialog will ask player for their vote.
  • Purchases can be made from the military market of a faction allied with the player, or with the player's commissioning faction.
  • The player cannot hold a commission and have their personal faction be in an alliance at the same time.

Alliance properties

  • Each alliance has an alignment: Corporate, Technocratic, Militarist, Diplomatic or Ideological.
  • Each faction can have one or more alignments (values can be negative).
  • To form a new alliance, both candidate members must be at least friendly and have at least one of their alignments sum up to >=1 point.
    • Alignment is not checked for player-formed alliances.
  • To join an existing alliance, candidate must be at least friendly with all its current members, and their value for the alliance‚Äôs alignment must be >=0.
    • For player inviting someone to an alliance, only the relations between player and the faction are considered.
  • Alignment effects can be disabled in exerelin_config.json.
  • To remain in an alliance, a member must at least average welcoming with all other members, and not hostile to any of them.
  • Every ~30 days, for an NPC faction not in an alliance:
    • First check if can form alliance with any other faction.
    • If can, and we pass the RNG check, form alliance.
    • Else, check every existing alliance and see if can join (also has RNG check).
  • Pirates cannot join alliances.

Alliance name technical details

<prefix> <alignment-based name>

Names by alignment

  • Corporate: Consortium, Conglomerate, Industries, Guild, Trade Union, Armaments
  • Technocratic: Research, Academy, Institute, Engineering, Laboratories, Technologies, Dynamics
  • Militarist: Pact, Alliance, Empire, Axis, Dominion
  • Diplomatic: League, Federation, Confederacy, Coalition, Cooperative, Union
  • Ideological: Brotherhood, Clan, Fellowship, Sodality, Order

Name prefixes

  • Common: Northern, Southern, Eastern, Western, Stellar, Interstellar, Darkstar, Solar, Nebula, Outland, Unified, United, Superior, Integrated
  • Corporate/Technocratic: Advanced, Consolidated, Future, Femtotech, General
  • Militarist: Dragon, Fury, Guardian, Thunder, Titan
  • Diplomatic: Freedom, Phoenix
  • Ideological: Dragon, Phoenix, Eternal, Free, Renaissance

Names of star systems in which the founding members have a market are added to prefix list.