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Exerelin / Mining

For up-to-date stats and making modifications, refer to data/config/exerelin/mining_config.json or consult the ingame help menu when mining.

A helpful guide by King Alfonzo is available here

Basic mechanics

  • Asteroids and uninhabited planets/moons can be mined
  • Surveying a planet finds mineable resources
  • Sometimes accidents can damage a random ship or cause it to lose CR, kill crew, or lose machinery
  • Sometimes mining uncovers a hidden cache with various goodies

Mining-capable weapons and ships

  • The total strength of all mining weapons (including built-ins) and ships installed in the fleet is summed to get the mining strength. For fighter wings, the strength of each individual member is counted.
  • Mining strength is modified by CR, x(0 to 100)/60


  • Mining at full capacity requires strength/2 heavy machinery
  • Machinery multiplier scales linearly from 50% with zero machinery to 100% at max machinery