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Exerelin / New agent design


  • Agents are specific named, persistent characters
  • Data to store
    • PersonAPI
    • Level
    • XP
    • Location
    • Num operations/successful
  • NPC factions have no agents, simulated with a generic level 2 agent
  • Separate saboteurs are removed


  • Player can recruit up to 3 agents (maybe more with skills)
  • Agents can be found at bars, like officers are in comm boards
  • Once in place an agent can be contacted through the comm board of that market
  • All agents can be contacted from anywhere through a custom rules dialog screen, if player is in comm relay
    • This will be represented as the player leaving the agent a message, not a real-time conversation, unless in same system

Agent powers


  • Actions cost time and money to execute
  • Higher level agents take less time and have a higher success rate
  • Intel event will be transmitted to player on action outcome
  • Actions underway can be aborted, with refund depending on days elapsed
  • Past agent actions on a planet increase its alert level, reducing success chance

Travel to location

  • Time depends on accessibility of both ends, with penalty for hostile factions

Destabilize market

Sabotage industry

Destroy stockpiles

  • Target a specific commodity, causes a deficit of that good on success

Steal blueprints

  • Need to decide on whether blueprints are teleported to player cargo, or sent to gathering point

Infiltrate Pather cell

  • Can decide whether to expose the cell for destruction by law enforcement, or find its supporting base