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PR#5712: doc of Format.printf and missing functions in StdLabels

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 Bug fixes:
 - PR#5700: crash with native-code stack backtraces under MacOS 10.8 x86-64
+- PR#5712: some documentation problems
 OCaml 4.00.0:
 # The version string is the first line of this file.
 # It must be in the format described in stdlib/sys.mli

Binary file modified.

Binary file modified.

Binary file modified.


      For more details about tags, see the functions [open_tag] and
    - [@\}]: close the most recently opened tag.
-   - [@%]: print a plain [%] character.
    Example: [printf "@[%s@ %d@]@." "x =" 1] is equivalent to
    [open_box (); print_string "x ="; print_space ();


     val concat : sep:string -> string list -> string
     val iter : f:(char -> unit) -> string -> unit
+    val iteri : f:(int -> char -> unit) -> string -> unit
+    val map : f:(char -> char) -> string -> string
     val trim : string -> string
     val escaped : string -> string
     val index : string -> char -> int
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