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PR#5070, continued: also parse backtrace locations

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 ;; We will adapt OCaml to output error messages in a compatible format.
 ;; In the meantime we add the new format here in addition to the old one.
 (defconst caml-error-regexp-newstyle
-  "^File \"\\([^\"\n]+\\)\", line \\([0-9]+\\), char \\([0-9]+\\) to line \\([0-9]+\\), char \\([0-9]+\\):"
+  "^[ A-\377]+ \"\\([^\"\n]+\\)\", line \\([0-9]+\\), char \\([0-9]+\\) to line \\([0-9]+\\), char \\([0-9]+\\):"
   "Regular expression matching the error messages produced by ocamlc/ocamlopt.")
 (if (boundp 'compilation-error-regexp-alist)