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MAJ conventions de caml_c_call.

git-svn-id: f963ae5c-01c2-4b8c-9fe0-0dff7051ff02

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 OTHEROBJS=../utils/misc.cmo ../utils/tbl.cmo \
   ../utils/clflags.cmo ../utils/config.cmo \
+  ../parsing/location.cmo \
   ../typing/ident.cmo ../typing/path.cmo ../typing/subst.cmo \
   ../typing/predef.cmo ../typing/env.cmo \
   ../bytecomp/lambda.cmo \


         lda     $sp, -16($sp)
         stq     $26, 0($sp)
-        stq     $gp, 8($sp)
-        mov     $25, $27
-        jsr     ($25)
+        jsr     ($27)
         ldq     $26, 0($sp)
-        ldq     $gp, 8($sp)
         lda     $sp, 16($sp)
         ret     ($26)
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