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xleroy  committed d8cae82

Deplacement de utils/meta vers bytecomp/meta pour ne pas gener le
compilo natif.

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File .depend

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 typing/path.cmo: typing/path.cmi typing/ident.cmi 
 typing/path.cmx: typing/path.cmi typing/ident.cmx 
-typing/predef.cmo: typing/predef.cmi typing/ident.cmi typing/ctype.cmi \
-    typing/path.cmi typing/typedtree.cmi 
-typing/predef.cmx: typing/predef.cmi typing/ident.cmx typing/ctype.cmx \
-    typing/path.cmx typing/typedtree.cmx 
+typing/predef.cmo: typing/predef.cmi typing/ident.cmi typing/path.cmi \
+    typing/typedtree.cmi 
+typing/predef.cmx: typing/predef.cmi typing/ident.cmx typing/path.cmx \
+    typing/typedtree.cmx 
 typing/printtyp.cmo: typing/printtyp.cmi typing/typedtree.cmi \
     typing/ident.cmi typing/path.cmi parsing/longident.cmi \

File Makefile

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 INCLUDES=-I utils -I parsing -I typing -I bytecomp -I asmcomp -I driver -I toplevel
 UTILS=utils/misc.cmo utils/tbl.cmo utils/config.cmo \
-  utils/clflags.cmo utils/meta.cmo utils/terminfo.cmo utils/crc.cmo
+  utils/clflags.cmo utils/terminfo.cmo utils/crc.cmo
 PARSING=parsing/location.cmo parsing/parser.cmo parsing/lexer.cmo \
   bytecomp/dectree.cmo bytecomp/matching.cmo \
   bytecomp/translcore.cmo bytecomp/translmod.cmo
-BYTECOMP=bytecomp/instruct.cmo bytecomp/bytegen.cmo \
+BYTECOMP=bytecomp/meta.cmo bytecomp/instruct.cmo bytecomp/bytegen.cmo \
   bytecomp/printinstr.cmo bytecomp/opcodes.cmo bytecomp/emitcode.cmo \
   bytecomp/runtimedef.cmo bytecomp/symtable.cmo \
   bytecomp/bytelibrarian.cmo bytecomp/bytelink.cmo
 # The native-code compiler compiled with itself
 camlopt.opt: $(OPTOBJS:.cmo=.cmx)
-	$(CAMLOPT) $(LINKFLAGS) -o camlopt $(OPTOBJS:.cmo=.cmx)
+	$(CAMLOPT) $(LINKFLAGS) -o camlopt.opt $(OPTOBJS:.cmo=.cmx)
 	rm -f camlopt.opt
-	rm -f utils/*.cm[iox] utils/*~
-	rm -f parsing/*.cm[iox] parsing/*~
-	rm -f typing/*.cm[iox] typing/*~
-	rm -f bytecomp/*.cm[iox] bytecomp/*~
-	rm -f asmcomp/*.cm[iox] asmcomp/*~
-	rm -f driver/*.cm[iox] driver/*~
-	rm -f toplevel/*.cm[iox] toplevel/*~
+	rm -f utils/*.cm[iox] utils/*.[so] utils/*~
+	rm -f parsing/*.cm[iox] parsing/*.[so] parsing/*~
+	rm -f typing/*.cm[iox] typing/*.[so] typing/*~
+	rm -f bytecomp/*.cm[iox] bytecomp/*.[so] bytecomp/*~
+	rm -f asmcomp/*.cm[iox] asmcomp/*.[so] asmcomp/*~
+	rm -f driver/*.cm[iox] driver/*.[so] driver/*~
+	rm -f toplevel/*.cm[iox] toplevel/*.[so] toplevel/*~
 	rm -f *~
 depend: beforedepend