ocaml / myocamlbuild_config.mli

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Default avatar lefessan
merge with branch bin-annot
Default avatar frisch
#5478: makes it possible to specify a custom 'ar' command.
Default avatar xleroy
The "DBM" library (interface with Unix DBM key-value stores) is no
Default avatar doligez
renaming of Objective Caml to OCaml and cleanup of copyright headers
Default avatar doligez
merge changes from release/3.11.1 to release/3.11.2
Default avatar ertai
[build] PACKLD is now defined in config/Makefile.
Default avatar frisch
Forgot to remove partialld from myocamlbuikd_config.mli
Default avatar frisch
Cleanup and factorization of linker-related code.
Default avatar xleroy
Can select which assembler to use at configuration time (PR#4171)
Default avatar ertai
Add some .itarget files. Add also _tags,, myocamlbuild_config.mli, utils/config.mlbuild
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