ocaml / asmcomp / asmlibrarian.ml

(*                                                                     *)
(*                                OCaml                                *)
(*                                                                     *)
(*            Xavier Leroy, projet Cristal, INRIA Rocquencourt         *)
(*                                                                     *)
(*  Copyright 1996 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et   *)
(*  en Automatique.  All rights reserved.  This file is distributed    *)
(*  under the terms of the Q Public License version 1.0.               *)
(*                                                                     *)

(* $Id$ *)

(* Build libraries of .cmx files *)

open Misc
open Config
open Cmx_format

type error =
    File_not_found of string
  | Archiver_error of string

exception Error of error

let read_info name =
  let filename =
      find_in_path !load_path name
    with Not_found ->
      raise(Error(File_not_found name)) in
  let (info, crc) = Compilenv.read_unit_info filename in
  info.ui_force_link <- !Clflags.link_everything;
  (* There is no need to keep the approximation in the .cmxa file,
     since the compiler will go looking directly for .cmx files.
     The linker, which is the only one that reads .cmxa files, does not
     need the approximation. *)
  info.ui_approx <- Clambda.Value_unknown;
  (Filename.chop_suffix filename ".cmx" ^ ext_obj, (info, crc))

let create_archive file_list lib_name =
  let archive_name = chop_extension_if_any lib_name ^ ext_lib in
  let outchan = open_out_bin lib_name in
    output_string outchan cmxa_magic_number;
    let (objfile_list, descr_list) =
      List.split (List.map read_info file_list) in
      (fun file_name (unit, crc) ->
        Asmlink.check_consistency file_name unit crc)
      file_list descr_list;
    let infos =
      { lib_units = descr_list;
        lib_ccobjs = !Clflags.ccobjs;
        lib_ccopts = !Clflags.ccopts } in
    output_value outchan infos;
    if Ccomp.create_archive archive_name objfile_list <> 0
    then raise(Error(Archiver_error archive_name));
    close_out outchan
  with x ->
    close_out outchan;
    remove_file lib_name;
    remove_file archive_name;
    raise x

open Format

let report_error ppf = function
  | File_not_found name ->
      fprintf ppf "Cannot find file %s" name
  | Archiver_error name ->
      fprintf ppf "Error while creating the library %s" name
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