ocaml / otherlibs / labltk / labltk / modules

WIDGETOBJS= bell.cmo scale.cmo winfo.cmo scrollbar.cmo entry.cmo listbox.cmo wm.cmo tkwait.cmo grab.cmo font.cmo canvas.cmo image.cmo clipboard.cmo label.cmo message.cmo text.cmo imagephoto.cmo option.cmo frame.cmo selection.cmo dialog.cmo place.cmo pixmap.cmo menubutton.cmo radiobutton.cmo focus.cmo pack.cmo imagebitmap.cmo encoding.cmo optionmenu.cmo checkbutton.cmo tkvars.cmo palette.cmo menu.cmo button.cmo toplevel.cmo grid.cmo
bell.ml scale.ml winfo.ml scrollbar.ml entry.ml listbox.ml wm.ml tkwait.ml grab.ml font.ml canvas.ml image.ml clipboard.ml label.ml message.ml text.ml imagephoto.ml option.ml frame.ml selection.ml dialog.ml place.ml pixmap.ml menubutton.ml radiobutton.ml focus.ml pack.ml imagebitmap.ml encoding.ml optionmenu.ml checkbutton.ml tkvars.ml palette.ml menu.ml button.ml toplevel.ml grid.ml : _tkgen.ml

bell.cmo : bell.ml
bell.cmi : bell.mli
scale.cmo : scale.ml
scale.cmi : scale.mli
winfo.cmo : winfo.ml
winfo.cmi : winfo.mli
scrollbar.cmo : scrollbar.ml
scrollbar.cmi : scrollbar.mli
entry.cmo : entry.ml
entry.cmi : entry.mli
listbox.cmo : listbox.ml
listbox.cmi : listbox.mli
wm.cmo : wm.ml
wm.cmi : wm.mli
tkwait.cmo : tkwait.ml
tkwait.cmi : tkwait.mli
grab.cmo : grab.ml
grab.cmi : grab.mli
font.cmo : font.ml
font.cmi : font.mli
canvas.cmo : canvas.ml
canvas.cmi : canvas.mli
image.cmo : image.ml
image.cmi : image.mli
clipboard.cmo : clipboard.ml
clipboard.cmi : clipboard.mli
label.cmo : label.ml
label.cmi : label.mli
message.cmo : message.ml
message.cmi : message.mli
text.cmo : text.ml
text.cmi : text.mli
imagephoto.cmo : imagephoto.ml
imagephoto.cmi : imagephoto.mli
option.cmo : option.ml
option.cmi : option.mli
frame.cmo : frame.ml
frame.cmi : frame.mli
selection.cmo : selection.ml
selection.cmi : selection.mli
dialog.cmo : dialog.ml
dialog.cmi : dialog.mli
place.cmo : place.ml
place.cmi : place.mli
pixmap.cmo : pixmap.ml
pixmap.cmi : pixmap.mli
menubutton.cmo : menubutton.ml
menubutton.cmi : menubutton.mli
radiobutton.cmo : radiobutton.ml
radiobutton.cmi : radiobutton.mli
focus.cmo : focus.ml
focus.cmi : focus.mli
pack.cmo : pack.ml
pack.cmi : pack.mli
imagebitmap.cmo : imagebitmap.ml
imagebitmap.cmi : imagebitmap.mli
encoding.cmo : encoding.ml
encoding.cmi : encoding.mli
optionmenu.cmo : optionmenu.ml
optionmenu.cmi : optionmenu.mli
checkbutton.cmo : checkbutton.ml
checkbutton.cmi : checkbutton.mli
tkvars.cmo : tkvars.ml
tkvars.cmi : tkvars.mli
palette.cmo : palette.ml
palette.cmi : palette.mli
menu.cmo : menu.ml
menu.cmi : menu.mli
button.cmo : button.ml
button.cmi : button.mli
toplevel.cmo : toplevel.ml
toplevel.cmi : toplevel.mli
grid.cmo : grid.ml
grid.cmi : grid.mli
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