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ocaml / camlp4 / ICHANGES

Internal, very small, undocumented, or invisible changes

- [april-may 04] the following interface files changed in order to
  implement OCaml style locations:
  The main changes are occurrences of "int" changed into
  "Lexing.position" and "int * int" changed into
  "Lexing.position * Lexing.position" (or an equivalent type).
- [20 nov 03], token.mli: eval_string takes a location as a extra
  argument (needed to issue a warning).

Camlp4s Version 3.06+19

- [28 Oct 02] Changed and simplified local entry of pa_o.ml from "cvalue"
  to "cvalue_binding".
- [18 Oct 02] The standard syntax for antiquotations in object class_types
  and object class_expr are now: <:class_type< $opt:x$ $list:y$ >> and
  <:class_expr< $opt:x$ $list:y$ >>: the syntax without the "opt" is
  accepted but deprecated (a warning is displayed).
- [15 Oct 02] Changed Plexer which now manages better the line directives
  (applied only on begin of lines, no error if parsing error in the
- [14 Sep 02] Grammar.print_entry does not end any more with
  Format.print_flush. The "flush" is done by Grammar.Entry.print.