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Q: I've a directory with examples and I want build all of them easily?


  You can use an .itarget file listing all products that you want.

  $ cat examples.itarget

  $ ocamlbuild examples.otarget

  You can also have a dynamic rule that read the examples directory:

  $ cat
  open Ocamlbuild_plugin;;

  dispatch begin function
    | After_rules ->
        let examples =
          Array.fold_right begin fun f acc ->
            if Pathname.get_extension f = "ml" then
              ("examples" / Pathname.update_extension "byte" f) :: acc
          end (Pathname.readdir "examples") []
        rule "All examples"
          (fun _ _ -> Command.Nop)
    | _ -> ()

  $ ocamlbuild examples.otarget
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