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ocaml / ocamlbuild / TODO

To do:
* Add rules for producing .recdepends from .ml, .mli, .mllib, .mlpack
* Produce a dependency subgraph when failing on circular deps (e.g. "A: B C\nB: D")
* Executor: exceptional conditions and Not_found
* Fix report
* Design a nice, friendly, future-proof plugin (myocamlbuild) API
* Ocamlbuild should keep track of files removed from the source directory, e.g.,
removing a .mli should be mirrored in the _build directory.

Being done:
* Write doc

Almost done:
* Fine control for hygiene using a glob pattern (command line option + tag)
  => the command line option is todo.
  -tag "<glob1> or <glob2> ..." "tag1, -tag2, ..."

Won't fix:
* Config file for options => no since myocamlbuild is sufficent
* Optimize MD5 (Daemon ? Dnotify ?) : too much hassle for little gain

* Fix uncaught exception handler to play well with the Display module
* Finish display before executing target
* Slurp: in a directory read files, before subdirs (to have _tags before foo/_tags)
* Add a -clean option
* Add ocamldoc rules (use .odoc extension)
* Add .inferred.mli target rules
* -- with no args does not call the executable
* Complain when used with -- and no target
* dep ["ocaml"; "link"; "use_foo"] ["foo/foo.o"] tags for adding targets
* Ensure that _build and _log are not created if not needed (with -help for
* Display: should display nothing (even when finish is called) when no real
  event as occured.
* Have some option to draw tags/rules that applies on a target (it's -show-tags).
* rm sanitize.sh during -clean
* rm sanitize.sh when running ocamlbuild