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###  README --- /home1/h/hongboz/html/hongbo_zhang_files/dsl/

## Copyright 2012 Hongbo Zhang
## Author:
## Keywords: 

        make clean
        make dsl

then you will see a link to DSL_util.byte

         or type line by line to check is a very *complex* scenario, it will generate more than
         3000 messages.
         you can write your own simple scene.

         (alice bob marry) 1000 interval 0.00
         means the three guys will take turns to speak, with interval 0.00
         (so concurrency happens here), and do it 1000 times

         the log is in the same directory, after it finished,
         alice.log, alice.err.log
         bob.log, bob.err.log

        Check to set up
        pennid is your id (hongboz, for example)
        client_port is fixed (try to use your pennid+10000 to avoid conflict)

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