BB-Py Twitter

A sample twitter application built using BB-Py

This is a sample application built in Python using BB-Py for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It allows a user to login to their twitter account via OAuth, and view their own timeline, and their friends. The user can send a boilerplate tweet about the BB-Py project, and can logout from the application.

It its current form, the program is quite simplistic and crude. However, all of the foundation is in place to create a fairly complete twitter app.

How to run

There are two branches in this sample, the default and desktop branches.

To run on the Desktop, simply checkout the desktop branch and run:


And the sample app will run on your desktop, provided you have Python 3, Qt, and PySide installed.

To run it on the BlackBerry PlayBook, checkout the default branch. Then, you need to edit so that the -debugToken argument points to your own debug token. Ensure that the first source command in the file is pointing to the location where your NDK is installed. Next, edit so that your device's IP address and password are specified. Make sure the source command in this file points to the right place too. Then simply run the following commands:


At this point, you should see a BB-Py Twitter app icon on your PlayBook. If you've installed the BB-Py libraries into your shared/misc folder, the app should run. If you haven't installed these libraries, go ahead and do so.