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Some small changes

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  1. helpy

During my first tests and adding EnableExplicit the compiler reported some errors.

Comments (4)

  1. Marc Sven Kleinböhl repo owner


    Thank you for your pull request.

    Currently EnableExpclicit is used already in the purework.pack.pbi file. So it wouldn't make sense to use it in the other files too. Unless you have a good argument to do it.

    Anyway, i will merge your 3 bugfixes.:-)

  2. helpy author

    If EnableExplicit is used in global scope it does not have any effect inside modules :-(

    If EnableExplicit should be active inside modules than you have to put it inside the module code.

  3. Marc Sven Kleinböhl repo owner

    Oh, this isn't what I expected about EnableExplicit in PureBasic. Maybe it is a PB bug. Because this keyword should be a compiler directive. Thank you for explaining.

    In this case, I will implement it into the modules.