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This is an experimental 3D Game Engine in C++14, OpenGL, SDL2 and BulletPhysics. This is a personal project and a playground for ideas.

Videos on Youtube

Visit my youtube channel for videos of the game engine in action.

Some features and concepts

  • Planet implementation: open world with water, reflections, shadows, sky and clouds;
  • Physics-enabled objects, characters and vehicles;
  • Characters can drive cars and other vehicles;
  • Roads;
  • Vegetation (grass, plants and trees);
  • Atmospheric scattering;
  • Day/Night cycles;
  • Built-in editor allows you to edit landscape, vegetation, roads, etc.;
  • Wavefront OBJ format is supported.


The MIT License (MIT) -

  • Copyright (c) 2016-2017 Hugo Vidal Teixeira

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