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cmenu: move recovery functions into submenu

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-            result.append(TortoiseMenu(_("Rollback"),
-                           _("Rollback the last transaction"),
-                           self._rollback))
-            result.append(TortoiseMenu(_("Recover"),
-                           _("Recover from an interrupted commit or pull"),
-                           self._recover))
-            result.append(TortoiseMenu(_("Verify"),
-                           _("Verify repository consistency"),
-                           self._verify))
                            _("update working directory"),
                            _("start web server for this repository"),
+            # repo recovery functions
+            rcmenu = TortoiseSubmenu(_("Repo recovery"))
+            result.append(rcmenu)
+            rcmenu.add_menu(_("Rollback"),
+                            _("Rollback the last transaction"),
+                            self._rollback)
+            rcmenu.add_menu(_("Recover"),
+                            _("Recover from an interrupted commit or pull"),
+                            self._recover)
+            rcmenu.add_menu(_("Verify"),
+                            _("Verify repository consistency"),
+                            self._verify)
             # Optionally add an Options submenu
             c = ui.ui().config('tortoisehg', 'hgconfig', None)
             if c in ['1', 'yes', 'True']:
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