* Introduction
  * Requirements
  * Reporting problems


232dtt is a program that connects to a 232DTT digital thermometer and thermostat
made by B & B Electronics and reads temperature data off of the serial port. It
prints a nice table with the temperature and status of the thermostat. It can
also output simple data files that can be used with gnuplot. A sample gnuplot
script is included called 232dtt.gp. It's pretty simple. The file just consists
of ordered pairs and the script just has axis labels and such though you will
have to edit it and put in the name of your data file you create. Feel free to
change the script in any way. test.png is a sample output from gnuplot I made
using the gnuplot script.


You will need libserial but that is provided. (libserial is a simple library
written by Linas Vepstas to simplify accessing the serial port. You will also
need to have a serial port with drivers installed and a 232DTT device. I don't
think this is portable as it uses POSIX read() calls to get some data. It may
run on WINNT (it's supposed to be POSIX compliant).

--Reporting Problems--

You can report any problems with compilation or bugs to iml001@bridgewater.edu