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This is my homepage/blog.


Create a virtualenv

$ mkvirtualenv homepage

Install the development requirements

$ python develop

Run the development server in debug mode

$ python runserver

Deploying the App Locally

You can provision a VM locally with vagrant and deploy to it.

  1. Install vagrant
  2. Install Fabric:

    $ pip install fabric
  3. Install ansible:

    $ pip install ansible
  4. Deploy and provision the app:

    $ fab env.local vm.up vm.provision app.deploy
  5. You should then be able to access the app at

Deploy Staging or Production

You can deploy staging, and production environments to Google Cloud Platform.

  1. Install Fabric:

    $ pip install fabric
  2. Install ansible:

    $ pip install ansible
  3. Install the Google Cloud Platform SDK.

  4. Create a project in the Google Cloud Platform console.
  5. Authenticate the Google Cloud Platform SDK:

    $ gcloud auth login
  6. Set the id of your new project:

    $ gcloud config set project <PROJECT>
  7. Set the zone you want the app to run in:

    $ gcloud config set compute/zone asia-east1-b
  8. Deploy and provision the app:

    $ fab env.staging vm.up vm.provision app.deploy

You can also set the path to the ssh key location if you aren't using the default set up by the Google Cloud SDK.

$ export COMPUTE_ENGINE_SSH_KEY_PATH=~/.ssh/id_rsa


You can ssh into the created VM easily:

$ fab env.<environment> vm.ssh