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+Kay management script
+Kay has a management script named ''. This script covers most
+of the management tasks for your applications. Invoking it without any
+parameters gives you help text.
+Some of the tasks will invoking the commands provided by Google App
+Engine SDK with little parameter adjustments, and some preparations
+for the task.
+So do not think about invoking such scripts(,, directly from Google App Engine SDK.
+Jinja2 preparsing
+Current version of Kay loads only preparsed jinja2 templates, so you
+have to preparse before deploying your application. The
+script automatically do this job, so you don't have to worry about it
+usually. If you use launcher on MacOSX, please keep in mind that just
+push 'deploy' button on it won't care about preparsing jinja2
+templates. In such a case, to preparse jinja2 template, perhaps you
+can execute following command:
+.. code-block:: console
+  $ python preparse_apps


   models = get_all_models_as_dict()
   args = []
   for arg in sys.argv[1:]:
-    if arg.startswith("--kind"):
+    if arg.startswith("--kind="):
       kind = arg[7:]
       model = models.get(kind, None)
       if model is None: