Chapter mismatch in tamil bible.

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Godwin Tgn
created an issue

First I thank for your work.

 I am using tamil bible. It's very essential for me. I found a bug that if i select romans 1:1 it is not the correct chapter that the correct chapter is james 1:1. This is a big bug for me. Also this problem started from new testament and also started from romans. Please solve and give one last update please. I am using Nokia 603 Belle FP2.

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  1. Ilya Skriblovsky repo owner


    Better late than never :)

    Please click "Update translations" button on the Settings page. It should fix the Tamil translation. If it won't, please try to clear cache after that.

    Let me know if it helps.

    Yours, Ilya

  2. Godwin Tgn reporter

    Ya i was trying before it didn't work. but now its working correctly. thanks for your great app and i want a port of this app for Jolla or Android. Is that possible?

  3. Ilya Skriblovsky repo owner

    Sure, feel free to use my source codes.

    But MeeBible is written in C++ and Qt's QML and I'm not sure whether it would be easy to port it to Android. May be porting to Jolla's Sailfish would be easier if they not broke compatibility with MeeGo apps.

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