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Updated all versions to 1.2 in prep for release

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+1.2 (3rd Aug 2010):
 New feature: Posting of entries using HTTPS
 New feature: Ability to fetch existing tags on a Wordpress blog
 Bug fix: Values written automatically when selecting a self-hosted blog
 type might not have taken
 Bug fix: Port settings now honoured
+Bug fix: Now only submits date and time when posting an edit when the 
+relevant option is enabled (this had been causing posts to de-publish as
+a result of wrong times being sent)
 1.1.1 (3rd July 2009):
 Matthew J Smith
 New Malden, Surrey, England
-23rd Jan, 2006 - 24th July, 2010
+23rd Jan, 2006 - 3rd Aug, 2010

File qtm-installer.nsi

 ; HM NIS Edit Wizard helper defines
-!define PRODUCT_VERSION "1.0"
+!define PRODUCT_VERSION "1.2"
 !define PRODUCT_PUBLISHER "Matthew J Smith"
 !define PRODUCT_WEB_SITE ""
 !define PRODUCT_DIR_REGKEY "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\qtm.exe"