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Updated Changelog and version numbers to 0.7.1

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-set( QTM_VERSION 0.7.1-rc1 )
+set( QTM_VERSION 0.7.1 )
     set( PROGNAME QTM )
+0.7.1 (17th December 2008):
 New feature: Ability to set background and text colours in the editor,
 preview and console (requires Qt 4.2 at present)
 dialog titles)
 Improvement: When the category selectors are displayed, searches for
 categories if there are already none
+Bug fix: Fixed crash which occurred in the accounts dialog after a new
+account was deleted and it was the only account
 Bug fix: Corrects start-up behaviour for new users, i.e. stops prompting
-them for prefs
+them for prefs even after they have specified their preferences
 Bug fix: Now auto-refreshes blog list after using accounts dialog when 
 there is only one account
 Bug fix: Failed to store auto-filled server and location details (esp.
-QTM, version 0.7.1-rc1
+QTM, version 0.7.1
 Copyright 2008, Matthew J Smith
 This program is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
 version 2.  This applies to all files written by me, or produced by me by
 Matthew J Smith
 New Malden, Surrey, England
-23rd Jan, 2006 - 22nd Oct 2008
+23rd Jan, 2006 - 17th Dec, 2008