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QTM, version 1.3.1
Copyright (C) 2004-2010, Matthew J Smith
This program is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
version 2.  This applies to all files written by me, or produced by me by
the use of tools like Qt Designer, in this package, and any binary produced
using them.

QTM allows the user to compose, format and submit entries to MT and
Wordpress blogs (and possibly other content management systems using the
same interfaces; your mileage may vary).  It uses the standard Blogger,
MetaWeblog and Movable Type APIs.  It requires Qt 4.4.  Presently this is
available from Trolltech as a Windows installer, and from sources of Linux
distributions, and sometimes from third parties, as RPM or .deb packages.
Although the interfaces used for connecting to the blog server are XML-RPC 
based, it does not require any special libraries for this; it uses Qt's 
own network classes.

As for QTM's present capabilities, it is possible to compose, format, 
preview and submit blog entries in either one category or several -
as with Movable Type's QuickPost feature.  Entries may be saved to disk,
with or without a password.

For installation instructions, see the separate file INSTALL.


(1) Although QTM supports Qt's plain text editor widget, I have found
that the performance of this widget is sub-par compared to the full text
editor in Qt; this particularly concerns the appearance of scroll bars.
Until that is fixed, the full text editor widget is used.

(2) When using QuickPost to copy multiple paragraphs of text from a web 
page into a new entry, you may find that there is no blank line between
paragraphs, just a single carriage return.  This may be fixed in a future

(3) When posting an entry, your categories may not be posted; specifically
it may update the blog's category list rather than post those you chose for
the entry to hand.  If you find your post has not been categorised, use the
"Update this post's categories" entry in the File menu.

(4) Markdown support requires an external Markdown parser, which requires
Perl (there are versions for other scripting languages).  On the Mac, the
parser is provided in the bundle; on Linux, the QTM binary may depend on
another Markdown package.  On Windows, the script is provided, and you will
need to install Perl yourself, and configure QTM so that it knows where to
find Perl.

(Markdown support is provided, and not Textile or any other formatting,
because the Markdown parser works on the command line, and the others do
not.  It also seems to be the most popular outside the Textpattern
community.  I do have an internal Markdown parser in the works and am
considering porting Textile to Qt, so I may provide those features in the

Any enquiries and suggestions to me at indigojo@blogistan.co.uk.  Please, no
requests for the normal features of blog managers like ecto - most of these
are on my wish list anyway.

Matthew J Smith
New Malden, Surrey, England
23rd Jan, 2006 - 29th Sept, 2010