NuGet now does this automatically if you configure it so

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Christian Droulers
created an issue

In the NuGet.targets file, there is the following:

<!-- Download NuGet.exe if it does not already exist -->
        <DownloadNuGetExe Condition=" '$(DownloadNuGetExe)' == '' ">true</DownloadNuGetExe>

It is false by default, but if you change it to true, it will download (and update) when necessary. I don't know when this was introduced though.

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  1. Anton Tayanovskyy

    Great, indeed, I even had success using it instead of BM. So this renders this project obsolete :) I probably will replace this project with a simple readme and a link to a sample solution layout that bootstraps NuGet using NuGet.targets.

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