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András Jankó
created an issue
  1. Automated build script for Proxy+API exporter
  2. Currently, doc page for namespaces does not separate visibly proxied and non-proxied types just has a single list. Sub-pages are created for all, creating a big tree with lot of non-proxied nodes, at least they are grey, but still not too good to look at and also unneeded data to send to the client. I think it would be better to just list non-proxied types/sub-namspaces in the page of the namespace in a separate section and not having it in the tree
  3. Delegates need some special logic: WS can handle any delegate, even if unseen before, so delegates should be marked ok if all occuring types are proxied
  4. Enums are even simpler, all enums can be translated without proxies (they just translate to base value)

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