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Issue #31 resolved
Adam Granicz created an issue

Right now, there isn't a fully automated way to embed "extra" files/artifacts in mobile applications - the tooling only packages the generated scripts and HTML content.

To accommodate this at the moment, one has to do the following:

1) Do a clean

2) Create bin/html manually in the F# mobile project

3) Copy files/folders there

4) Do a build on the mobile project to get the rest of the files and the final packages.

Now, we would like to eliminate steps 2/3 above. One solution is to modify ws_mobile.exe to copy extra files before it applies the packaging step.

Proposal: add an extra.files to the mobile projects to be processed by ws_mobile.exe to perform this extra copying.

Here is a proposal format for extra.files:

{{{ <project-name> { <file-pattern>* } ... }}}

where <project-name> is any project name in the same solution. Example to copy some artifacts from the associated web project called WebProject:

{{{ WebProject { css/ images/ } }}}

Comments (5)

  1. Anton Tayanovskyy

    Set version 2.4.38, downgraded to default priority, as suggested functionality is easy to accomplish with MSBuild, the enhancement proposes a shortcut/convenience.

  2. Ramon Snir

    (Reply via ramo...@gmail.com):

    The current solution assumes wsol.exe will put everything that is needed by the website (that is, _everything_) in bin\html. I think this is a very reasonable expectation of wsol.exe, since it is responsible for the build output for offline sitelets. Do we want offline sitelets to require steps 2 and 3, just not the mobile sitelets?


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