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This is a bugfix release available to WebSharper support subscribers.

  • #74 Proxy for ResizeArray (List<T>) (resolved)
  • #83 Content.Redirect is a permanent redirect (resolved)
  • #86 Incorrect translation of Map.tryFindKey? (resolved)
  • #92 WebSharper checkout does not compile under F# 3.0 (resolved)
  • #96 Set union via + operator (resolved)
  • #93 Class constructor translation issues (resolved)
  • #91 Inheriting don't work (resolved)


This is a bugfix release available to WebSharper support subscribers. Includes additional proxies for F# operators and collections, fixes for sitelet issues, improved Extra.files support in mobile projects, and improved Android/mobile support. For details, refer to the issue list below.

  • #72 JQuery.HasClass() return type (resolved)
  • #71 `JQuery.Index()` bad return type (resolved)
  • #70 Invalid request body in sitelets (resolved)
  • #75 Use of UTF-8 not always recognized in scripts (resolved)
  • #73 Alternate constructors on System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary<T> (resolved)
  • #78 More support of FSharp.Core.Operators (resolved)
  • #80 use! and use not working in async workflows (resolved)
  • #79 Possible to proxy ToString? (for stringbuilder proxy) (resolved)
  • #77 Extra files in HTML site project (resolved)
  • #90 Websharper templates for F# Tools for Visual Studio 2012 Express for Web (resolved)


This is a bugfix release solving an issue with curried functions.

  • #65 Enhance.Input button in Formlets missing the dep on CSS resource (resolved)
  • #69 Uncurrying breaks comparisons (resolved)


The release introduces NuGet packaging of WebSharper to support AppHarbor deployments, provides enhancements to the interface generator, and fixes various bugs.

  • #45 Do not escape <script> tag contents in HTML templates in HTML output (resolved)
  • #64 Add private ref to FSharp.Core to web projects by default (resolved)
  • #52 Bundled compressed jQuery fails to parse in Opera (resolved)
  • #50 Formlet input control does not detect changes done with the mouse (resolved)
  • #59 Build a nuget package, ensure easy AppHarbor compatibility (resolved)
  • #67 `Dom.NodeList` array access mistranslated (resolved)
  • #61 Add targetFramework to Web.config (resolved)
  • #3 Cannot create HTML App (Sitelets) in VS 2011 (resolved)
  • #55 Double slash in ctx.ResolveUrl output (resolved)
  • #63 Deprecated static template generation support (resolved)
  • #60 Web targets for building Scripts/* do not work in some environments (resolved)
  • #53 JQuery URL cannot be overriden in the standard way through Web.config (resolved)
  • #62 Add Properties.cs to Web projects by default in templates (resolved)
  • #68 Allow declaring resources in WIG (resolved)
  • #66 jQuery.unbind() lacks some implementations (resolved)
  • #57 HTML5 Typed Array binding error (resolved)
  • #54 ${ROOT} and ~ support in HTML templates (resolved)
  • #56 String.Split not implemented (resolved)
  • #51 Resource manager bug affecting YUI and YUI formlets (resolved)


This is a bugfix release. Sitelet deployments to virtual folders are now fixed. Sitelet project compilation fixed for platforms without FSharp.Core 2.0. Embedded JQuery upgraded to 1.7.2.

  • #46 Sitelets fail in non-root deployments (resolved)
  • #48 Allow to parameterize templates by ApplicationPath (resolved)
  • #47 MSbuild fails on sitelets projects (resolved)
  • #49 Upgrade jQuery to 1.7.2 (resolved)


This is a bugfix release primarily focusing on making HttpContext.Current.Session available in Remote/RPC methods, also fixing a number of minor bugs.

  • #21 Session state not working correctly (resolved)
  • #43 NullReferenceException on invalid XML in HTML templates (resolved)
  • #44 Remote methods not sufficiently asynchronous (resolved)
  • #39 No-namespace modules "Failed to translate a method call" (resolved)
  • #37 AddColorStop signature in HTML5 (resolved)
  • #36 HasAttribute returning (resolved)


This release introduces an easier to use HTML template system, revamped Android and Windows Phone application support, and several bug fixes.

Better HTML templates

All sitelets projects are now equipped with a new HTML template system. The major improvement over the previous system is the ability to edit the HTML and see changes take effect without recompiling the WebSharper project. Templates also make use of HTML5 data-* attributes in a way that makes it possible to develop, test and validate template files as HTML5 documents, for example:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <div id="main" data-hole="main">
      Sample content here that will be replaced during expansion.

The former template system is now deprecated.

Revamped mobile application support

We have reviewed and improved our experimental support for packaging WebSharper code into native Android and Windows Phone applications. One big change is that Android and Windows Phone project templates are now separate. You can still reuse code across these applications by putting it in a WebSharper library and referencing from both projects. Separating the project templates has allowed to specialize them. For example, you can now use Eclipse/ADT to customize and debug the generated Android application. On the Windows Phone platform, you can likewise now attach the Visual Studio debugger or customize the XAML. Please refer to the latest documentation for full details.

In addition, we are now releasing experimental support for writing Bluetooth clients and servers on the Android platform. Note that the experimental status means the API is unstable.


As a convenience for build automation, we now include a special file called extra.files with every mobile and HTML project. This file allows to easily copy extra files from the project to be deployed under the generated HTML application root. See #31 for details.

Bug fixes

The bug fixes in this release primarily concern the fixes necessary to run WebSharper on the latest Microsoft platform tools, including Windows 8, .NET 4.5, F# 3.0 and VisualStudio 2011, in various combinations.


  • #42 The installer ships outdated documentation PDF (resolved)
  • #40 Extension project fails on .NET 4.5 (resolved)
  • #32 Make projects .NET 4.5-compatible (resolved)
  • #38 Easy to update HTML templates (resolved)
  • #31 Extra files in mobile applications (resolved)
  • #11 Samples compilation error (resolved)


  • #23 Speed up the installer, stop requiring admin rights (resolved)
  • #25 Dispose does not work on event subscriptions (resolved)
  • #20 DateTime.ToString() is not meaningful (resolved)
  • #8 Any tips on building? (resolved)
  • #24 JQuery PreventDefault not working as expected (resolved)
  • #30 Static RPC methods with > 3 arguments fail. (resolved)
  • #29 Problem building offline sitelets on 4.0 with 3.5 dependencies (resolved)


  • #13 URL-resolving functions misbehaving on Mono (for Apache use) (resolved)
  • #15 `int` function does not truncate (resolved)
  • #12 404 on url ending with a dot (resolved)
  • #14 Invalid return type for JQuery ScrollTop method (resolved)
  • #2 Sitelet Error Related to StringBuilder (resolved)
  • #4 Downcast error on using extensions with offline and mobile sitelets (resolved)
  • #5 ASP.NET error: setting does not apply in Integrated mode (resolved)
  • #6 VS2011 web project warning on ToolsVersion="4.5" (resolved)
  • #22 VS11 requires converting web projects (resolved)
  • #17 IE7 Gets Script Error (unavailable Json.js/Json.min.js assembly resource) (resolved)
  • #16 Static Methods/Constructors not triggering needed .js inclusion. (resolved)
  • #7 WebSharper fails to compile calls to abstract methods (resolved)