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Mallory / Installation


The easiest way to install Mallory is using the file that's included. In this guide I'll go through it as well as the manual process.

Getting Started

768 MB Recommended for optional dev packages
512 MB RAM recommended for GUI
256 MB RAM without GUI
2 NICs [optional]

Supported Operating Systems: Ubuntu Desktop (tested with 10.04, 11.04).

Any modern Linux will work, but the installer only works with Ubuntu. We recommend Ubuntu 11.04.

It is assumed the entire operating system installation will be dedicated to Mallory, which makes Mallory best suited to be installed into a virtual machine.


The script downloads the latest version of Mallory and installs all the necessary dependencies.

  • Download the latest version of
  • With an internet connection run
sudo ./
  • If you're running this for the first time a confirmation will appear to make sure you've connected to the Internet first.
  • when prompted choose where to install mallory (Default /mallory)
  • wait for installation to finish
  • cd mallory/current/src
  • run
sudo python ./
  • open a new terminal (don't just background mallory)
  • run
sudo python ./

You'll now have a running version of mallory. See the usage section for details in how to use its features.

Manual Installation