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Mallory / Virtual_Machine_Setup

Virtual Machine Setup

A simple way to middle a system is to set mallory up as a virtual machine and share an interface with another virtual machine.

Virtual Networking

Setup a designated virtual interface. If you're using VMware, you can go into the Virtual Network Editor, choose the shared interface you want to use (e.g. VMNET3), and configure it to be host only. You'll also want to give it a designated subnet and enable DHCP (e.g.

If you've configured it correctly, when a VM uses this interface, it will pull an IP address in the subnet of your choosing.

Mallory VM Configuration

  • NIC1: Bridged
  • NIC2: Host Only (e.g. VMNET3)
  • Static:

Victim VM Configuration

  • NIC: Host Only (e.g. VMNET3)
  • Static IP:, Gateway: << uses mallory as the gateway