Zenbu is a cross-platform, multi functional anime/manga management client with a modern UI and exceptional features Copyright (C) 2014 Ippytraxx a.k.a Vincent Szolnoky


Documentation and instructions

Please visit the wiki for detailed documentation as well as instructions on how to use Zenbu (pictures included).


Clone this repo and then run ant dist to build Zenbu. For a single, deployable jar run ant deploy and for convenience to start Zenbu run ant run.


I am currently looking for people that would like to help out. More info coming as Zenbu becomes more established.

The backend logic is completely seperate from the frontend. It is possible to remove the entire frontend and replace it with another UI if so desired.


  • Add 32bit handling.
  • Fix up OS menu so it slides out.
  • Add sharing to chat when watching an episode.
  • Have Zenbu somehow enable the openfiles tool on Windows automatically.
  • Add common chat features, such as notifications, private messages, etc.
  • Browse cover flow for season browser
  • Complete wiki
  • Fix HB syncing so changes show on the feed.
  • Lock buttons when progress view is showing.