N.I.N.A. - Nighttime Imaging 'N' Astronomy

N.I.N.A. is an astrophotography suite designed for all DSO imagers.
If you are totally new to the world of DSO imaging or a seasoned veteran our goal is to make your image acquisition easier, faster and more comfortable.



System Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows 7 or later
  • (32-bit version is available, but may be unstable due to memory consumption)

  • .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later

  • ASCOM Platform 6.3 or later

  • Visual Studio C++ Redistributable 2013


A manual including detailed descriptions about all features can be found on the homepage


Camera Control

  • ASCOM Driver
    • Tested with ASI 1600 MMC, Atik-383L+
  • Native ZWO Driver
    • Tested with ASI 1600 MMC
  • Native Atik Driver (experimental)
    • Undergoing tests with Atik-383L+
  • Nikon
    • Tested with Nikon D5100, D7100
    • Serial cable support for bulb exposures using either telescope snap port or serial cable using RTS signal
      • Bulb exposure with snap port tested with EQ6-R + D5100
  • Canon
    • Tested with Canon EOS 550d, 60d
  • Temperature control
    • Cool down routine for a set amount of time

Telescope Control

  • ASCOM Driver
    • Tested with HEQ-5, EQ6-R

Filterwheel Control

  • ASCOM Driver
    • Tested with Starlight XPress motorized Filterwheel, Atik EFW2

Autofocuser Control

  • ASCOM Driver
    • Tested with Lacerta Motorfocus

Autoguider Control

  • via communication with PHD2 Server
  • Graphically shows corrections in a graph
  • Calculates RMS Error values


  • Save and load individual profiles for different sets of equipment

Advanced Sequencing

  • Import/Export sequences for planning ahead
  • Dithering (via PHD2)
  • Dithering after a set amount of images
  • Macros to set up custom file names
  • Supported Image formats: FITS, TIFF (Without compression, with ZIP or LZW compression), XISF
  • Automatic Meridian Flip

Manual Focusing

  • Snapping of images
  • Live view (for DSLR and ASI cameras)
  • Subframing (for faster image processing)
  • Bahtinov Line detection to identify spikes and the error margin


  • Triggered manually
  • During sequences
    • On start
    • After filter change

Image Recognition

  • Statistics
  • Auto-Stretch
  • Star detection and HFR calculation, including stats history during imaging session
  • Optimal exposure time recommendation by taking read noise, full well capacity and BIAS mean value into account


  • Astrometry.net
  • Local instance of Astrometry.net and cygwin
  • Platesolve2 by Planewave

Polar alignment assistant

  • Polaris position in polar scope
  • Precise PA Error calculation using platesolving
  • DARV alignment procedure

Sky Atlas

  • Detailed info for over 10000 Deep Sky Objects
  • Advanced filtering to get just the Deep Sky Objects that are relevant for you
  • Calculated altitude chart for each object based on your location
  • Night time duration based on your location
  • Objects can be set as the target for the sequence or the framing assistant

Framing Assistant

  • Multiple ways of importing an image for framing
    • Digital Sky Survey (requires internet connection)
    • Image File (tif, png, jpg)
    • Image Cache (from a previously loaded image)
  • By entering camera and telescope specs a rectangle with the respective field of view is generated
  • The rectangle can be rotated and dragged to the desired location
  • Once satisfied the coordinates where the rectangle is located can be set for a sequence to start imaging

Image History

  • Thumbnail and statistics of images during an image session
  • Reload images of one session to the UI

Fully customizable UI colors together with a bunch of preset Themes

Weather data

  • OpenWeatherMap supported


Through the issue tracker

a mail to: isbeorn86+NINA@googlemail.com

or directly via Discord: http://discord.gg/fwpmHU4


Some icons made by Madebyoliver, Bogdan Rosu, Appzgear, Dale Humphries and Dave Gandy from Flaticon licenced by Creative Commons BY 3.0

DCRaw (for Canon RAW image processing) - https://www.cybercom.net/~dcoffin/dcraw/