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 * Use :ref:`setuptools` to build and package Python distributions and publish
   them to the `Python Package Index`_ (PyPI). :ref:`distribute` (a fork of
-  setuptools) was recently merged back into setuptools, thereby making
+  setuptools) was merged back into setuptools in June 2013, thereby making
   setuptools the primary choice for packaging.
-* Use :ref:`pip` to install Python distributions from PyPI
+* Use :ref:`pip` to install Python packages from PyPI.
 * Use :ref:`virtualenv` to isolate application specific dependencies from the
-  system Python installation
+  system Python installation.
 * Use :ref:`buildout` (primarily focused on the web development community) or
-  `hashdist`_ and `conda`_ (primarily focused on the scientific community) if
+  :ref:`hashdist` and :ref:`conda` (primarily focused on the scientific community) if
   you want fully intregrated software stacks, without worrying about
   interoperability with platform provided package management systems
 * If you're on Linux, the versions of these tools provided as platform specific
 * Use ``easy_install`` or :ref:`buildout` if you need to install from the binary
-  ``egg`` format, which :ref:`pip` can't currently handle
+  ``egg`` format, which :ref:`pip` can't currently handle.
 * Aside from using :ref:`pip` over ``easy_install`` whenever possible, try to
   ignore the confusing leftovers of slanging matches between developers of
   competing tools, as well as information about upcoming tools that are likely
   involved in developing packaging tools.
 .. _Python Package Index:
-.. _hashdist:
-.. _conda:
 Step-by-step Guide