PLAYSCII - an ASCII art and game creation tool

Playscii (pronounced play-skee) is an art, animation, and game creation tool. The latest version will always be available here:

Playscii's main website is here:

Offline documentation

Playscii now includes its own HTML documentation, which you can find in the docs/html/ subfolder of the folder where this README resides.

Online documentation

The latest version of the HTML documentation resides here:


If you run into any issues with Playscii, please report a bug here:


For possible future features see Playscii's Trello:

Please don't take anything there as a promise, though. If you'd find something on there especially valuable, feel free to vote or comment!


If you've made something cool with Playscii and/or have any suggestions on how to improve it, please let JP know!