Pixelated noise when exporting converted image with palette from image

Issue #41 resolved
Former user created an issue

After converting an image with a 256-color palette generated from the image itself and exporting it to .png, I noticed some pixelation in areas that should have had solid color. In fact, those areas appear solid when I look at the image in Playscii itself no matter how closely I zoom in.

I've uploaded the original .jpg image I used for the conversion (Chun-li.jpg) as well as the exported .png image with some annotations scribbled on it in Microsoft Paint. I also uploaded my console.log because why not.

I've actually noticed this pixelation in several exported images using different charsets and palettes. I can't remember seeing it in exported images that used the playscii built-in palettes, but maybe those colors are far enough apart so that they don't get dithered?

Anyway, I'd be willing to wait a little longer if there was an export-to-png function that got all the pixels right.

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