Hitboxes for selecting Width and Height are off in New Art menu

Issue #60 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

Clicking on the number (40 by default) to the right of where the New Art menu says "Width:" does nothing. Clicking on the empty space to the right of the number also does nothing. Clicking underneath the number, in the space between the number field for Width and the number field for Height, selects the Width.

The same is true for the Height number field. The cursor has to be placed underneath it to select it. I've attached a diagram to be more clear. This is on playscii version win32-0.9.6

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  1. JP LeBreton repo owner
    • fix #60: bad hitboxes for fields in dialogs with y_spacing=0
    • fixed: clicking checkbox UI fields didn't work, because multiple calls of UIDialog.reset_art would create additional, invisible sets of buttons! reset_art is used differently by different dialogs, so provide an argument to clear buttons or not (chooser dialogs don't)
    • log file uses "line buffering", ie every line gets written as it comes in. should hopefully preserve last line(s) in case of crash.

    → <<cset 0d823c00d60d>>

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