Cannot Export at all!

Issue #68 resolved
George K. Grace
created an issue

Unfortunately I CANNOT export any creation at all. When I got to File and click on Export, it simply does nothing. A window doesn't pop up with format options or anything. Same thing with Export Last, nothing happens. I tried running it as Admin and Running it directly from C:/ and there are no changes. I'm running it on windows 10.

Am I doing something wrong? Help please, after years of searching I thought I had found the right program for my projects.

Thank you.

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  1. JP LeBreton repo owner

    If you're running Windows 7 or later, the log file should be in the directory "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Playscii\" where "user" is your Windows username. The log file itself is called "console.log".

    Try launching Playscii, trying to Export (ie trigger the bug), then quit and attach the log file from that session to this bug report. Thanks!

  2. George K. Grace reporter

    I don't know if it has something to do with the Export issue, but I noticed the following:

    When I click on the File Tab (to access options underneath it) the program shows the message: "Shortcut/command not found: export_file_last", Though the functions underneath that column still work. When I click on the View Tab it says: "Shortcut/command not found: camera_zoom_out_proportional" (The Zoom-in & Zoom-out function don't work [I use the mouse wheel instead]). When I click Art: "Shortcut/command not found: run_art_script_last"

    I'm currently using your program to design a card game, and I'm very excited about the simplicity, old-fashion feeling and infinite possibilities.

    Here's a sample log of a session of a couple of hours working with your program. I'm not extremely concerned that I can't design what I want (Because I already tested that it your program is indeed capable), but I would definitely like to be able to export my work in a readable image format to be able to print it (And perhaps publish it someday).

    I hope you can help me.

  3. George K. Grace reporter

    I opened the program, Clicked on Export and Export Last, Closed and Quit. Here's the log text for that:

    Playscii v0.9.8 Loading config from C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Playscii/playscii.cfg... Config loaded. Detecting hardware... CPU: x86 Family 15 Model 107 Stepping 1, AuthenticAMD OS: Windows-7-6.1.7600-SP0 Python: 3.4.4 (v3.4.4:737efcadf5a6, Dec 20 2015, 19:28:18) [MSC v.1600 32 bit (Intel)] (32bit) Modules: PySDL2: 0.9.5, numpy: 1.12.1, PyOpenGL: 3.1.0, appdirs: 1.4.3, PIL: 4.1.0 SDL: 2.0.5 hg-10556:007dfe83abf8, SDLmixer: 2.0.0 Detected screen resolution: 1280 x 1024, window: 1024 x 720 GPU: NVIDIA Corporation - GeForce 9500 GT/PCIe/SSE2/3DNOW! OpenGL detected: 3.3.0 GLSL detected: 3.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler Vertex Array Object support found. Loaded key binds from C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Playscii/binds.cfg init done. Shortcut/command not found: export_file Shortcut/command not found: export_file_last Unloaded art/new.psci Thank you for using Playscii! <3

  4. JP LeBreton repo owner

    Could you investigate the file C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Playscii/binds.cfg? You should be able to open it in any text editor (eg Notepad). The two things I'm curious about are, is it blank, and if not what's in it?

  5. George K. Grace reporter

    Here it is:

    user keybinds file

    accepted modifiers: ctrl, alt, shift

    keys must be equivalent to output of sdl2.SDL_GetKeyName(),

    eg return, tab, backspace

    self.edit_bind_src = { 'ctrl q' : 'quit', '`' : 'toggle_console', 'ctrl m' : 'convert_image', 'ctrl e' : ('export_image', 'edit_art_for_selected_objects'), 'ctrl -' : 'decrease_ui_scale', 'ctrl =' : 'increase_ui_scale', 'alt return': 'toggle_fullscreen', '1' : 'decrease_brush_size', '2' : 'increase_brush_size', '3' : 'cycle_char_forward', 'shift 3' : 'cycle_char_backward', '4' : 'cycle_fg_forward', 'shift 4' : 'cycle_fg_backward', '5' : 'cycle_bg_forward', 'shift 5' : 'cycle_bg_backward', '6' : 'cycle_xform_forward', 'shift 6' : 'cycle_xform_backward', 'c' : 'toggle_affects_char', 'f' : 'toggle_affects_fg', 'b' : 'toggle_affects_bg',

    bind can also be a tuple of function names

    'x'        : ('toggle_affects_xform', 'game_frob'),

    'z' : 'game_grab', 'shift r' : 'toggle_crt', 'a' : 'select_pencil_tool', 'e' : 'select_erase_tool', 'r' : 'select_rotate_tool', 't' : 'select_text_tool', 's' : 'select_select_tool', 'ctrl x' : 'cut_selection', 'ctrl c' : 'copy_selection', 'v' : 'select_paste_tool', 'ctrl v' : 'select_paste_tool', 'escape' : 'cancel', 'ctrl d' : 'select_none', 'ctrl a' : 'select_all', 'ctrl i' : 'select_invert', 'delete' : 'erase_selection_or_art', 'g' : 'toggle_game_mode', 'shift e' : 'toggle_game_edit_ui', 'ctrl shift g': 'set_game_dir', 'ctrl g' : 'load_game_state', 'f2' : 'reset_game', 'space' : 'toggle_picker', 'w' : 'swap_fg_bg_colors', 'ctrl s' : 'save_current', 'shift u' : 'toggle_ui_visibility', 'shift g' : 'toggle_grid_visibility', ',' : 'previous_frame', '.' : 'next_frame', 'p' : 'toggle_anim_playback', '[' : 'previous_layer', ']' : 'next_layer', 'shift ctrl tab': 'previous_art', 'ctrl tab' : 'next_art', 'ctrl z' : 'undo', 'shift ctrl z': 'redo', 'q' : 'quick_grab', 'shift t' : 'toggle_camera_tilt', 'return' : 'select_or_paint', 'shift return': 'add_to_list_selection', 'ctrl return': 'remove_from_list_selection', 'f12' : 'screenshot', 'ctrl shift m' : 'run_test_mutate', 'up' : 'arrow_up', 'down' : 'arrow_down', 'left' : 'arrow_left', 'right' : 'arrow_right', 'home' : 'center_cursor_in_art', 'l' : 'cycle_inactive_layer_visibility', 'alt f' : 'open_file_menu', 'alt e' : 'open_edit_menu', 'alt t' : 'open_tool_menu', 'alt v' : 'open_view_menu', 'alt a' : 'open_art_menu', 'alt r' : 'open_frame_menu', 'alt l' : 'open_layer_menu', 'alt c' : 'open_char_color_menu', 'alt g' : 'open_game_menu', 'alt h' : 'open_help_menu', 'alt s' : 'open_state_menu', 'alt w' : 'open_world_menu', 'alt o' : 'open_object_menu', 'ctrl o' : 'open_art', 'ctrl n' : 'new_art', 'ctrl w' : 'close_art', 'f1' : 'open_help_docs', 'ctrl k' : 'crop_to_selection', 'ctrl r' : 'resize_art', 'ctrl f' : 'add_frame', 'ctrl l' : ('add_layer', 'select_objects'), 'ctrl h' : 'choose_charset', 'ctrl p' : ('choose_palette', 'choose_spawn_object_class'), 'o' : 'toggle_onion_visibility', 'f5' : 'toggle_all_origin_viz', 'f6' : 'toggle_all_bounds_viz', 'f7' : 'toggle_all_collision_viz', 'f8' : 'toggle_debug_text', 'f9' : 'toggle_fps_counter', 'f3' : 'toggle_collision_on_selected', 'tab' : 'switch_edit_panel_focus', # commands that don't have a shortcut still need to be declared # bind strings preceded by a _ will not be displayed '_saveas' : 'save_art_as', '_grab' : 'select_grab_tool', '_switch_art' : 'art_switch_to', '_switch_layer' : 'layer_switch_to', '_layer_viz' : 'toggle_layer_visibility', '_hidden_layers': 'toggle_hidden_layers_visible', '_website' : 'open_website', '_docs' : 'generate_docs', '_dup_frame' : 'duplicate_frame', '_frame_delay' : 'change_frame_delay', '_frame_delay_all': 'change_frame_delay_all', '_frame_index' : 'change_frame_index', '_delete_frame' : 'delete_frame', '_dup_layer' : 'duplicate_layer', '_layer_name' : 'change_layer_name', '_layer_z' : 'change_layer_z', '_delete_layer' : 'delete_layer', '_pal_from_file': 'palette_from_file', '_cycle_onion_frames': 'cycle_onion_frames', '_cycle_onion_display': 'cycle_onion_ahead_behind', '_open_game_assets' : 'open_all_game_assets', '_export_anim' : 'export_anim', '_import_edscii': 'import_edscii', '_import_file': 'import_file', '_revert' : 'revert_art', '_new_game' : 'new_game_dir', '_duplicate_objects': 'duplicate_selected_objects', '_edit_world' : 'edit_world_properties', '_save_game' : 'save_game_state', '_change_room' : 'change_current_room', '_change_room_to': 'change_current_room_to', '_add_room' : 'add_room', '_remove_room' : 'remove_current_room', '_room_objects' : 'set_room_objects', '_object_rooms' : 'set_object_rooms', '_show_all_rooms': 'toggle_all_rooms_visible', '_set_room_cam' : 'set_room_camera_marker', '_obj_to_cam' : 'objects_to_camera', '_cam_to_obj' : 'camera_to_objects', '_add_to_room' : 'add_selected_to_room', '_remove_from_room': 'remove_selected_from_room', '_room_edge_warps': 'set_room_edge_warps', '_room_bounds' : 'set_room_bounds_obj', '_room_cameras' : 'toggle_room_camera_changes', '_list_room_objs': 'toggle_list_only_room_objects', '_rename_room' : 'rename_current_room', '_toggle_debug_objects': 'toggle_debug_objects', '_toggle_picker_hold': 'toggle_picker_hold', '_set_camera_zoom': 'set_camera_zoom' }

  6. JP LeBreton repo owner

    Thanks. Here's something to try: close Playscii, then move that binds.cfg file somewhere else, out of the Playscii directory, then relaunch Playscii. It will generate a new binds.cfg file that might have some data that appears to be missing from the one you posted. Hope that works!

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