Unable to run tip version on macOS

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Eliot Lash
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Hey JP, I was trying to get a development environment set up for Playscii on my mac so I can hopefully contribute some features. However, I have been unable to get the latest tip/default version to run (commit f2765b9 at this time of writing) due to a shader compilation error.

I have been taking notes on the install process and would be happy to contribute these somewhere (perhaps a bitbucket wiki?)

Right now I am not sure if the issue is my environment or playscii itself, although I am suspicious of commit 66d846b.

v0.9.10 installed from itch.io works fine on this machine but contains a different version of lines_v.glsl and lines_f.glsl without the offending attribute and varying keywords indicated in the attached error log.

I am running macOS 10.13.3.

Notes on trying to build from source on macOS

If I am doing anything obviously wrong here please let me know!

brew install sdl2 sdl2_mixer
brew install libtiff libjpeg webp little-cms2 # Pillow deps
xcode-select --install # Needed for pillow?
pipenv install # Note that this will create a Pipfile and Pipfile.lock since the project isn't configured to use pipenv
# Reinstall Pillow with zlib extension
pipenv uninstall Pillow
PIP_GLOBAL_OPTION="-- build_ext --enable-zlib" pipenv install Pillow==2.9.0
pipenv shell
python3 playscii.py

I also had to comment out playscii.py line 216 due to this error: AttributeError: module 'PIL' has no attribute '__version__'. This issue also appears to have been mentioned in issue #67.

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  1. Eliot Lash reporter

    Pretty sure now that this was the change to the shader in 747:66d846b4ed49 that broke it. I checked out 746:e5af20b45570 and it runs fine. So I am not really sure which changeset corresponds to v0.9.10 on itch.io. It's got the shaders from 746:e5af20b45570 but the version bump didn't occur until 750:914a83b65970.

    In the future it would be really helpful for archaeological purposes like this if you tagged the changeset with the version number when cutting a release. Thanks!

  2. JP LeBreton repo owner

    Good catch, thanks; I changed some of those shader keywords earlier this year while I was trying to get Playscii running on a Raspberry Pi and missed this file when I rolled back all the changes. Latest commit to the depot has your fix.

    I'll definitely tag future releases, I'd forgotten about that feature.

    Regarding running (you said building but it seems like you meant running?) from source on macOS, I guess I set up my environment a long time ago so it's possible it's more complicated now. I've never touched xcode, all I did was install homebrew, installed the non-python dependencies (ie SDL2 + mixer), then used pip to install all the python modules needed. I've never used pipenv or any of those environment container utilities before, so I'm not sure if they complicate or change any of the steps needed. Any version of Pillow should work AFAIK.

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