a mutator for Unreal 1

Description (from the source code):

lets you mosey around peacefully, enjoying the world.
any unfriendly monsters that show up will be killed instantly.
worry not, their death is painless.  this is completely ethical.


Place the Tourism.u file in your Unreal\System\ directory.  Then launch Unreal with the following command:

Unreal Vortex2?mutator=Tourism.Tourism

where "Vortex2" is the map you'd like to start with.  Vortex2 is the beginning of the game, and Unreal does this nice thing where it saves which mutators you were using in each savegame, so you should only need to run the game this way once.  Thereafter you can launch the game normally and just load your savegame.

If you're running this in Linux, replace "Unreal" with "./UnrealLinux.bin".


I've tested this mutator in Linux and Windows, using the 227i patch available from  I can't guarantee it will work with any other version.

I haven't tested this fully, ie played through all of Unreal with it, but I tested several levels to make sure my code caught all the monsters.

This mod should also work with the Return to Na Pali expansion. A particular enemy type that's introduced later in the game may be briefly visible, but they shouldn't be able to attack you.

The UnrealScript source file is included in case you want to modify or recompile it.


Can I still die while playing with this mutator?

Yes.  Occasionally, monsters will still get a swipe at you in the half-second before they die.  Environmental hazards, explosions, and weapon self-damage can still kill you as well.  These are generally much easier to avoid though.

How does this work?

When a monster has line of sight to the player, they get dealt a lethal amount of damage.  This is a bit more distracting and messy (literally and otherwise) for players then the alternatives - such as deleting the monster or preventing it from spawning - but I found those break level scripting in untenable ways.  The code makes exceptions for peaceful creatures such as Nali, cows, rabbits, etc, so they will still open all the Nali caches for you.

Why did you make this weird thing?

I have a nostalgic squishy spot in my heart for the original Unreal and wanted to replay it, but I don't enjoy its shooting gameplay enough to bother fighting all those monsters.  I created this so I could travel through its world and enjoy what the game did well.

Why would you remove shooting from a shooter?  Do you hate fun?