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WadSmoosh - simple IWAD merge utility

WadSmoosh merges your provided Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Master Levels, No Rest for the Living, and Final Doom data into a single IWAD file that can be played in ZDoom and GZDoom, with each game as its own entry in the episode list. This makes it very convenient to play all of classic Doom's official releases without relaunching the game with different settings.

It's fine if you don't have all of the Doom games, eg you have Doom 2 but not Final Doom - WadSmoosh will package up everything it can find.

If you're not a Doom expert and just bought these games off Steam, GoG, etc, see the Absolute Beginner's Guide section below.


Simply copy all your WADs into the source_wads/ subfolder, then run WadSmoosh.

If you're in Windows, click wadsmoosh.exe.

If you're in macOS or Linux, run the wadsmoo.sh shell script - only Python 2 is supported at the moment.

WadSmoosh will create a new file called doom_complete.pk3 with all the game content in it. You can run this in ZDoom / GZDoom with -iwad doom_complete.pk3 at the command line, or even rename it to doom2.wad and run without any command line needed.

If you've extracted the No Rest for the Living addon episode for Doom 2 from Doom 3: BFG Edition or the PSN or XBLA versions, make sure it's named nerve.wad in the source_wads/ folder.

In rare cases, you may need to uncheck the source_wads/ folder's read-only status.

Absolute Beginner's Guide

  1. Download WadSmoosh and extract it to a folder.
  2. Find the folder(s) where Steam/GoG installed your game(s). For Steam, this will be something like <Steam folder>\SteamApps\Common\<game name>\base.
  3. Copy any files you find with a .WAD extension to the source_wads/ subfolder where you extracted WadSmoosh.
  4. Double-click wadsmoosh.exe. A console window will pop up to show progress.
  5. When it closes, you should have a file in the WadSmoosh folder called doom_complete.pk3.
  6. Download ZDoom or GZDoom - use GZDoom if you want to be able to look up and down - and extract it to a folder.
  7. Copy the doom_complete.pk3 file to G/ZDoom's folder and rename it to doom2.wad.
  8. Launch G/ZDoom and play!

If you have any issues, the How_to_download_and_run_Doom page on the Doom wiki might be helpful.