It's universal blog with growing number of features for custom templates.

Notes before using:

This is not a project - this is an app. To fit it to your needs - most probably you will need to rewrite templates. Original templates was created so that it would show what you can do, how the links should be formed and etc. So basically its only an example of usage. If you want to find projects that had already customized this app look at the list of projects involving this app.


Persona is work in progress so no migrations will be provided until first release and something will be done to increase its usability as an app. Most probably - custom template context processors. First release will be provided when blog will be ready to run for single user. Next release will include multiple user support (authors) and custom permissions.


  • Nested categories
  • Full Tag support (In Admin it even have auto-complete for lazy ones)
  • Optional tinyMCE (WYSIWYG) editor
  • Optional comments (Disqus at the moment)

Projects that uses Persona:


Want to help?

Help with tests... A good test (especially when points out a bug) is allways needed.