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Georg Brandl  committed dd371c9

Fix pyflakes issues.

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File sphinx/domains/python.py

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                     # "fuzzy" searching mode
                     searchname = '.' + name
-                    matches = [(name, objects[name]) for name in objects
-                               if name.endswith(searchname)
-                               and objects[name][1] in objtypes]
+                    matches = [(oname, objects[oname]) for oname in objects
+                               if oname.endswith(searchname)
+                               and objects[oname][1] in objtypes]
             # NOTE: searching for exact match, object type is not considered
             if name in objects:

File sphinx/pycode/__init__.py

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     :license: BSD, see LICENSE for details.
-import re
-import sys
 from os import path
 from cStringIO import StringIO