In this repository we contribute the sources for the ApoGames Case Study accepted at the International Systems and Software Product Line Conference 2018 as challenge case.

Thus, if you use these artifacts as a case study, please cite the correpsonding paper:

Jacob Krüger, Wolfram Fenske, Thomas Thüm, Dirk Aporius, Gunter Saake, Thomas Leich: Apo-Games - A Case Study for Reverse Engineering Variability from Cloned Java Variants. 2018.

The pdf file of the submited case can be found on the SPLC website and is also provided in this repository. We will update these information regularly.

The Java folder contians the artifacts of 20 Java games that evolved from each other. The Android folder contains 5 games for the Android platform and the required BitEngine, which is not a clone of the other systems.

All remaining folders contain the recent version of each project indlucing code, ressources, and mostly already compiled files.

If there are errors that you cannot resolve, feel free to contact us.