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+    dd
+        width 80%
+        margin-top 0.1em
+        input
+            width auto
+    dt
+        width 15%
+        margin-top 0.1em


+#moin-ticket-form dd{width:80%;margin-top:.1em;}
+#moin-ticket-form dd input{width:auto}
+#moin-ticket-form dt{width:15%;margin-top:.1em}


     {% set title = _("Ticket: %(item_name)s", item_name=item_name) %}
 {% endif %}
+{% block head %}
+    {{ super() }}
+    <link media="all" rel="stylesheet" href="{{ url_for('static', filename='css/ticket.css') }}" />
+{% endblock %}
 {% block content %}
 <h1>{{ title }}</h1>
-<div class="moin-form">
+<div class="moin-form" id="moin-ticket-form">
     {{, method='post', enctype='multipart/form-data') }}
     {% if data_rendered %}
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