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Issue #1 resolved

mkconfrepo::createconfrepo() returns in created directory

Stephen Morton
created an issue

createconfrepo() issues a os.chdir(path) but then never does an os.chdir("..") at the end. addclienthooks() and addserverhooks() expect not to be already in the repo so they fail.

Since mkconfrepo will only create the conf repo if it does not exist, the correct fix seems to me to be to do an os.chdir("..") before returning from createconfrepo().

changeset dbdebfbdc250

Comments (6)

  1. JakobKrainz repo owner

    chdir("..") is probably wrong in some cases. I will add a patch that saves os.getcwd() before the chdir(), and restores it again.

    Thanks for reporting this issue :-)

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