This project is intented to be a lightweight library to allow rapid development of MVC style applications in LabVIEW. It handles:

  • Creation of model datapoints and allows global access through DVRs for random access or user events for updates.
  • Binding of model datapoints to UI elements without requiring any code.

This is not intended to be a golden bullet. It will not deal well with 1M updates/sec (as it uses DVRs and variants), it will make it quicker and easier to develop the 80% of applications that don't need lightning performance.

How do I use this library?

This library is licensed under the FreeBSD Opensource license. This means you can use this however you like as long as you retain a copyright notice.

You can download the source or there will be a VI package coming soon.

Contribution guidelines

Contributions are welcome. This can be as simple as reporting a bug or requesting a feature.

If you want to apply a code change then you should fork the project, make a change and then submit a pull request.

Who do I talk to?

  • James McNally is the repo owner.
  • The idea was original fleshed out as a group exercise at the CLD summit. I apologise I cannot quote all of your names here but thank you all.