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Tag Commit Date Download
OpenBeta_r2 b187538
OpenBeta_r1 51f9ff5
pre_fishfish 71bff26
busted_events b6bc438
official 1eb089d
1.23.1 e50d0c1
1.23.0 ab3502f
1.22.3 44e8a12
1.22.1 ab162c6
1.22.0 f7b6560
1.21.12 ff2d354
1.21.11 ed5c1db
1.21.10 0768cf7
1.21.9 0122e35
1.21.8 ec58ffa
1.21.7 1aa1ab5
1.21.6 13a7269
1.21.5 d1ff6a3
1.21.4 b1bf115
1.21.3 634bdb8
1.21.2 c47dae7
1.21.0 6d0b6e5
1.20.2 0b044b7
1.20.1 bc42309
1.20.0 064581c
1.19.0 02a3288
1.18.1 780ecc4
1.18.0 fe5bf8f
1.17.0 e2ebc0e
1.16.2 8d58e58
1.16.1 a9bf644
1.16.0 fc5e0ab
Branch Commit Date Download
bug-signal a4ba8d5
master a4ba8d5
event-bug-test 8a446f4
old-master 8f2d147
soft_wrap c876193
posix_spawn a7b0205
import_config 017c4f6
fish-next f60f3a6
otherchirps-dev c53457d
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