fish - the friendly interactive shell

fish is a smart and user-friendly command line shell for OS X, Linux, and the rest of the family. fish includes features like syntax highlighting, autosuggest-as-you-type, and fancy tab completions that just work, with no configuration required.

For more on fish's design philosophy, see the design document.

Quick Start

fish generally works like other shells, like bash or zsh. A few important differences are documented at http://ridiculousfish.com/shell/faq.html

Detailed user documentation is available by running help within fish, and also at http://ridiculousfish.com/shell/user_doc/html/


fish can be built using autotools or Xcode.

Autotools Build

./configure [--without-xsel]
make [gmake on BSD]
sudo make install

Xcode Development Build

  • Build the base target in Xcode
  • Run the fish executable, for example, in DerivedData/FishsFish/Build/Products/Debug/base/bin/fish

Xcode Build and Install

xcodebuild install
sudo ditto /tmp/fish.dst /

Contact Us

Questions, comments, rants and raves can be posted to the official fish mailing list at https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/fish-users Found a bug? Have an awesome idea? Please open an issue on this github page.