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Latexmake completely automates the process of generating a LaTeX document. Given the source files for a document, latexmake issues the appropriate sequence of commands to generate a .dvi or .pdf version of the document. Latexmake can run as a custom builder for the Eclipse-Plugin "Texlipse". Latexmake also has the ability to run in the background watching source files for changes and rebuilding a project when changes happen.

URL: http://bitbucket.org/JanKanis/latexmake.py/

Latexmk.py was originally written by Marc Schlaich. His (now unmaintained) version is available at https://github.com/schlamar/latexmk.py

Inspired by http://ctan.tug.org/tex-archive/support/latexmk/


This new branch of latexmake.py is not yet available on PyPI. Once it is, you can install it with the following instructions.

Preferable via pip:

pip install latexmake

For source installation you need distribute or setuptools


$ latexmake [options] [filename]

For details run:

$ latexmake -h


GPL version 3 or later.